The story of INNAN jewellery began in 2013 when model-turned-designer Inna Ida Nechyporenko settled in Berlin to found her namesake brand.

Working with the biggest names of the fashion industry, Inna developed a passion for contemporary jewellery during her nomad years of modelling. She finally pursued her dream in Berlin, putting her career aside to learn the goldsmith craftsmanship from skilled German artisans and become one herself.

“Brutal elegance would best describe my style,” - says Inna Ida about INNAN. “I draw inspiration from Berlin’s melting pot of characters and take cues from modern art and culture. INNAN muses are the talented people around me and the stories they tell are my goldmine. In the atelier I shape these memories in metal.”

Inna likes to experiment with expressive contemporary forms and mostly works with sterling silver, 18K gold, semi-precious gemstones and diamonds.

“I like how wearing jewellery makes you feel - INNAN is all about that feeling.”

The brand’s signature are organic and linear shapes with a raw touch. Blending tradition and innovation, quality is top priority: every piece is crafted and finished by hand in the INNAN atelier or through a network of trusted partners in Germany.

Besides made-to-order, INNAN jewellery is currently available at selected retailers worldwide and the brand is expanding its presence at brick-and-mortar and online destinations.

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