About Innan Jewellery


Muse, artist and designer – Ukranian-born, Berlin-based Inna draws on her life, the people she meets, the places she visits and the world around her, to create simple, striking jewellery and accessories, in bold, timeless metal, precious and semi-precious stones. Blended together, these shape the vision of INNAN.
From the Brutalism of the Soviet-style architecture Inna remembers from childhood to the rhythms of modern-day Berlin, blended with a timeless elegance and refinement, INNAN’s unique designs emanate serenity and harmony.


In her subterranean Berlin workshop, Inna designs and hand crafts her pieces, using a combination of traditional skills and cutting-edge tech. From conception to creation, designing to finishing, Inna focuses on simplicity, luxury and realizing the hidden potential of form, immortalizing memories and moments in metal. From one-off bespoke pieces, including engagement and wedding rings to aesthetically-innovative collections, INNAN is available online and by appointment at the Atelier.


Having learnt her art from goldsmiths from around the world, Inna synthesizes her Ukrainian heritage with a kaleidoscope of people, ideas and inspirations. Living in Berlin has given Inna access to some of the world’s finest artisans and craftsmen, Germany being home to a fine tradition of jewellery making. This experimentalism and focus on fine detail makes series such as INNAN’s ‘Chaotic’, ‘Cenote’ and ‘Stardust’ renowned for their brutal, beautiful elegance.