Innan Jewellery Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the timeless adornments made to connect two people in a sacred union of love. If you are looking for a pair of extraordinary wedding bands, you came to the right place. INNAN offers a number of exclusive made-to-order wedding designs: avant-garde shapes, fascinating textures, minimalistic touch. Each is unique and never looks identical to the others, just like the life stories they are made to intertwine.

If you have a special idea and looking for someone to express it, we would be happy to shape your story in metal within our philosophy. Personalized engraving is possible on request to keep the everlasting message of love carved inside the rings.

All of our jewellery is individually handcrafted in Berlin, so please allow 2-3 weeks for production. Please check our Size Guide and for any special request - Contact us.

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Cenote Wedding Rings

18K yellow gold

Cenote Cascade Wedding Rings

18K yellow gold

Infinite Grace Wedding Rings

18K palladium white gold

Cosmic Elegance Wedding Rings

18K palladium white gold